International Programs Office


The International Programs Office (DPI)

The International Programs Office (DPI) of the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara coordinates and supervises the international activities of the university. Continue reading

Its mission is to maintain and to increase the UAG endeavors that best contribute to imagen_uagdeveloping its international dimension by promoting, supporting and coordinating all efforts made towards this end by the different UAG departments and offices in fulfillment of their strategic plans. The DPI runs the international academic mobility programs through the University Exchange Department (DIU) and its highly qualified and fully experienced staff.

Students that go on exchange or internship and want to rent out their room can use the housing You can earn some extra money for your exchange by renting out your room, and you will help UAG University with increasing the supply of short-stay housing for the incoming exchange students.

Also if you live with your parents, you can use this platform to rent out your room as a “home stay”: most parents like to host an international student for 1 semester; ask them first of course before doing it! is free to use and it operates on a student-to-student basis.

Feel free to use this webpage as well to rent out your room during summer (to students doing a summer course / summer internship in our city).


International Programs Office
Av. Patria 1201, Lomas del Valle, 3a Sección, C.P. 45129, Zapopan, Jalisco, México. Apdo. Postal 1-440.
Phone +52 (33) 3648 8824, Ext 32218, 35814, 32327, 32204, 32319.